Black Chamber of Commerce Members Punch above their Weight on KCI Airport Project


While the KCI Airport project proved to be far less transformative for Black businesses and workers, members of the Black Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City contributed greatly at the participation levels allowed. As of August 31, 2021, Black-owned businesses have been awarded $102,704,380 of $965,882,041 in contract awards, or 10.6% of contracts.  Twenty-one black Chamber members have performed on the project — eight Professional Service providers and thirteen Constructors. Five held prime contracts and over 55 subcontracts have been awarded to the group. As a group, the members were awarded 69.18%⁵ of the contracts that were awarded to Black-owned firms, and 7.36%⁵ of all contracts awarded on the project.

Of particular note, our Professional Service firms were awarded $9,144,885; 82%⁵ of all awards made to Black-owned firms – mostly in the area of design.  Their participation represented 11.4%⁵ of awards made under the professional Services contract and included Black female participation of $731,531 – more dollars awarded to Black females than on the much larger construction contract.

Construction members provided $61,905,517⁵ of the $91,562,964 in contracts awarded to Black-owned firms in construction. This represents 68%⁵ of the dollars awarded to Black-owned firms in construction and 7%⁵ for the construction project. Also of special significance, two of the members formed the only Black-led joint venture trade partnership under the general contractor.  This has allowed smaller firms to be directly hired onto the project as subcontractors through the JV partners – increasing minority subcontractor participation.

The Black Chamber salutes the work of its members and recognizes them for a job well done:

Professional Service Providers:

  • 3-T Design & Development, LLC
  • Anlab Environmental
  • Custom Engineering, Inc.
  • DuBois Consultants, Inc.
  • Evolv Solutions, LLC
  • McDaniel Hazley Group, Inc.
  • SE3, LLC
  • Taliaferro & Browne, Inc.

Construction Service Providers:

  • Alexander Mechanical, Inc.
  • Alpha Energy & Electric, Inc.
  • Blue Chip Roofing & Waterproofing, LLC
  • Blue Nile Contractors, Inc.
  • CJR Construction Group, LLC
  • Jim’s Disposal
  • Riteway Maintenance & Supply, Inc.
  • Rodriguez Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
  • Square Up Builders, LLC
  • Tenoch Construction, Inc.
  • Vazquez Commercial Contracting, LLC
  • Whatever It Takes Electrical Contractors
  • Whitley Construction Company