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No excuse is acceptable. No effort is adequate until it has been proven effective.

-Dr. Sybil C. Mobley 

Our History

The Black Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City, Inc. is a Missouri not-for-profit corporation located at 5737 Swope Parkway in Kansas City, Missouri.  It was incorporated on May 13, 1985 and was ruled exempted from federal income taxes under the provisions of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 by the Internal Revenue Service during December, 1986.  

The Black Chamber was conceived and started in late 1984 by fourteen (14) local Black business owners as a vehicle through which to promote, sustain and maintain economic progress for Black-owned enterprises in the metropolitan area, and as a medium for ensuring the participation of such businesses in the overall business and economic development plans of the area.

Black Chamber of Commerce: Membership Profile

Our purpose is to ensure that Black-owned businesses always have an opportunity to express their interests and to be heard. It is through the Chamber’s persistent voice, our businesses are able to effectively communicate and address the needed changes to rectify continued racial imbalances in the economy and to strengthen the community.

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Our Mission

The Black Chamber is committed to the principle that the total metropolitan area is better served when Blacks participate more fully in the economic wealth of the community, and when the efforts of commerce, industry, and the professions are coordinated in maintaining and strengthening a sound and healthy business climate for all sectors of the community.




Past Chamber Presidents

The Black Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City

Chuck Byrd


Harriet Brewer


Ronald Craddolph


Linwood Tauheed


Kelvin Perry


BCCGKC Commitee (s)

Legislative & Public Policy Committee

The Committee represents the Black Chamber on local, state and federal issues that impact the members.  The Committee researches issues, develops positions it recommends to the Board, and advocates for those positions with Board approval.

Membership Development Committee

The committee develops and implements procedures to increase the number of Members and is responsible for ongoing membership renewal campaigns.

Business and Economic Development Committee (BED)

The Committee develops and implements programs and strategies to enhance the economic opportunities available to the Members..

Fundraising Committee

The Committee coordinates all activities for the purpose of generating funds for the general operating budget of the Black Chamber.

Marketing/Communications/Public Relations Committee (MCP)

The Committee develops and implements procedures to increase the publicity of the Black Chamber and its activities through the media.

Finance Committee

The Committee will guide and make recommendations on matters such as budgets, programs to be funded and contributions to other organizations.  It will review audit findings and submit recommendations to the Board. The Committee has responsibility for developing financial policies and assists in the establishment of the budget process.

Programs & Activities Committee

The Committee intiates ongoing projects and actibvities to increase the visbility of the Black Chamber, working closely with the membership and fundraising committees.


The Vine: Where It All Started!

The Vine: Where It All Started!

Join the Black Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City next week for their first mixer called The Vine: Where It All Started! A Membership Drive and Networking Event. Come learn about the chamber, see what it has been working on in Kansas City for Black...


The Black Chamber of Greater KC , is a central resource, voicing the needs and challenges facing black businesses as well as promulgating and sponsoring legislative and public policy issues of significant concern to our businesses.

The Black Chamber of Commerce of
Greater Kansas City
5737 Swope Parkway
Kansas City, Missouri 64130
Phone: 816.336.1435

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The Chamber Mission:

The Black Chamber of Commerce shall be to assist, promote, and support African Americans in achieving economic prosperity and economic independence.